Angelo State University, TX

Public4-Year • Medium • Primarily ResidentialMaster's College and UniversityNot Selective • High Transfer-InMain Campus
2601 W. Avenue N, San Angelo, TX 76909
(325) 942-2555

Angelo State University Rankings

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Academics at Angelo State University

GradHighest Degree

Share of Graduates by Field of Study

Biological and Biomedical Sciences4%
Business, Management, Marketing16%
Communication, Journalism4%
Computer and Information Sciences7%
English Language and Literature3%
Foreign Languages, Linguistics<1%
Health Professions and Related Programs9%
Law Enforcement, Firefighting6%
Mathematics and Statistics1%
Multi-disciplinary Studies11%
Natural Resources and Conservation1%
Parks, Recreation, Fitness Studies9%
Physical Sciences4%
Public Administration and Social Service3%
Social Sciences4%
Visual and Performing Arts2%


Getting into Angelo State University

73%Admission Rate
505Median SAT Math
510Median SAT Reading
20Median ACT Composite

Typical Test Scores

SAT Math (25–75%)460–550
200 800
SAT Reading (25–75%)460–560
200 800
ACT Composite (25–75%)17–23
1 36


Cost of Attending Angelo State University

$7KIn-State Tuition
$17KOut-of-State Tuition
$18KAverage Total Cost
$13KAverage Net Cost

Average Net Price by Family Income

Family IncomeSchoolTXUS


Typical Debt after Angelo State University

34%Receive Federal Loans
$11KMedian Federal Debt
55%Repayment Rate
$211Median Payment

Received Financial Aid

Family IncomeSchoolTXUS
$0–$30K 37%63%57%
$30K–$48K 18%16%16%
$48K–$75K 17%11%12%
$75K–$110K 15%7%9%
>$110K 14%7%11%

Student Debt

The median debt for family income between $0–$30K$11K$10K$11K
The median debt for family income between $30K–$75K$10K$11K$12K
The median debt for students with family income >$75K$12K$10K$12K
The median debt for Pell students$12K$11K$12K
The median debt for no-Pell students$11K$9K$11K
Cumulative loan debt at the 90th percentile$31K$22K$25K
Cumulative loan debt at the 75th percentile$22K$15K$18K
Cumulative loan debt at the 25th percentile$5K$5K$6K
Cumulative loan debt at the 10th percentile$3K$3K$3K

Repayment Rates

1-year after entering repayment 50%35%43%
3-years after entering repayment 55%39%46%
5-years after entering repayment 62%44%50%
7-years after entering repayment 65%48%55%


Completion Rates at Angelo State University

67%Retention Rate
39%Transfer Rate
18%Withdrawal Rate
35%Graduation Rate

Graduation Rates by Time Taken

Time TakenSchoolTXUS
Within 4 Years 21%32%38%
Within 6 Years 35%51%55%
Within 8 Years 39%52%56%

Graduation Rates by Ethnicity

Ethnicity and NativitySchoolTXUS
Asian 60%50%53%
Black 24%35%39%
Caucasian 40%44%52%
Hispanic or Latino 29%42%47%
Non-US citizens/residents 57%46%50%
Two or more races 31%37%44%
Other race 100%36%44%


Outcomes after Angelo State University

92%Employment Rate
$33KMedian Salary
$20K25 Pctl Salary
$47K75 Pctl Salary

Employment over Time

Employed 6 years after enrollment 92%84%85%
Employed 7 years after enrollment 92%84%84%
Employed 8 years after enrollment 91%84%84%
Employed 9 years after enrollment 90%83%83%
Employed 10 years after enrollment 89%82%83%

Distribution of Earnings after Graduation

10th percentile of earnings$9K$7K$7K
25th percentile of earnings$20K$17K$17K
50th percentile of earnings$33K$28K$29K
75th percentile of earnings$47K$42K$43K
90th percentile of earnings$63K$55K$57K

Median Earnings over Time

Earnings 6 years after enrollment$33K$28K$29K
Earnings 8 years after enrollment$37K$32K$32K
Earnings 10 years after enrollment$40K$34K$35K


Students at Angelo State University

77%Full-time Undergrads
21Avg Entry Age
1,715Graduate Students

Enrollment by Gender

Female degree-seeking undergraduates 55%66%64%
Male degree-seeking undergraduates 45%33%35%

Enrollment by Race and Nativity

Race and NativitySchoolTXUS
Asian 1%3%4%
Black 7%20%18%
Caucasian 48%30%49%
Hispanic or Latino 37%39%18%
Native American or Alaskan Native <1%<1%1%
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander <1%<1%<1%
Non-US citizens/residents 3%2%2%
Two or more races 3%2%3%
Other race <1%2%4%

Enrollment by Family Income

Family IncomeSchoolTXUS
$0–$30K 30%49%43%
$30K–$48K 19%19%18%
$48K–$75K 19%15%16%
$75K–$110K 16%10%14%
>$110K 16%10%15%

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