Tri-Cities Airport (TRI)

Primary AirportNon-Hub
2525 TN-75 Suite 301, Blountville, TN 37617
(423) 325-6000

Departure Stats

Flights out of Tri-Cities Airport

59Weekly Flights
16%Delayed Flights
 hr Average Delay

Delay Causes

Air Traffic12%
Airline Operations24%
Bad Weather12%
Late Arriving Aircraft46%
National Security<1%

Domestic Routes

Domestic Destinations from Tri-Cities Airport (TRI)

Major Carriers

Airlines Flying out of Tri-Cities Airport (TRI)

Allegiant Air5%63%
Delta Air Lines12%90%
PSA Airlines24%79%
ExpressJet Airlines2%88%
Endeavor Air34%88%
SkyWest Airlines23%83%

Location Map

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